Original image (1280x850)

Resize image

Description: Resize image by mode with zoom in option
- Inside (in): keep ratio, target image will inside (smaller or equal) of area (default option).
- Outside (out): keep ratio, target image will outside (bigger or equal) of area
- Exactly (exactly): do not keep ratio, target image will exactly with area
- Zoom in (zoom_in): allow scale image bigger to fix with area
- If only width or height param given the image radio will keep.

Params: w: int h: int resize: in|out|exactly zoom_in: 1

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&h=300

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?resize=out&w=300&h=300

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?resize=exactly&w=300&h=300

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?resize=out&w=1000&h=1000

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?resize=out&w=1000&h=1000&zoom_in=1

Scale image

Description: Scale image by percent
* scale can greater than 100%

Params: scale: int

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?scale=30

Crop image

Description: Crop image to width/height without resize.
* allow set the top/left position crop, if it does not set, crop center.
* width height (area crop) can not greater than original image

Params: crop: 1 w: int h: int left: int top: int

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?crop=1&w=300&h=300

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?crop=1&w=300&h=300&left=200&top=320


Description: Export image with quality (only for JPEG/JPG)
* q value from 1 to 100

Params: q: int qauto: 0|1

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&h=200&q=90

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&h=200&q=10

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&h=200&q=90&qauto=1

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&h=200&q=90&qauto=0


Description: Contrary with crop, padding put image to an area width x height with bg color.
* color can be code ffffff, fff or name like white, red

Params: padding: 1 w: int h: int bg: color left: int top: int border: int

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?padding=1&w=1000&h=1000

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?padding=1&w=1000&h=1000&bg=red&left=20

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?padding=1&w=500&h=500&bg=red&border=50

Gray scale

Description: Make image to gray

Params: gray: 1

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?gray=1&w=300


Description: Rotate image by right, down, left
* allowed 90, 180, 270, left, right, down

Params: rotate: mix

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&rotate=right

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&rotate=down

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&rotate=left


Description: Flip image by vertical or horizontal

Params: fliphor: 1 flipver: 1

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&fliphor=1

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&flipver=1


Description: Colorize image with a mask
* Color hex is RGBA format like F006, FA000064

Params: colorize: color hex

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&colorize=0f05


Description: Draw an image above current image
* UUID: UUID of overlay image on systeme
* top, left: Start position of overlay imagee
* wol x hol: Size of overlay image (inside mode)

Params: overlay: UUID topol: int leftol: int wol: int hol: int

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&overlay=a5feb6a7-3e78-4867-8318-059f7ee1f9cd&hol=100&topol=20&leftol=50

Mix many functions



Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?w=300&fliphor=1&gray=1&h=100&rotate=90

Change Alpha Color

Description: Change alpha color

Params: bgc: color hex

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?bgc=ffff00

Api /images/demo/a/ec/rose.jpg?bgc=ff007f